How to Make Your Hotel More Inviting Using LED Lighting

Hotel lighting is key to the success of your business, for your lighting fixtures set the right ambience and make your hotel or inn even more inviting for guests. Choosing hotel lighting fixtures, therefore, is one that should be contemplated and planned thoroughly before investing a great deal of money into it. Selecting the right lighting is key to setting the right mood, providing adequate illumination, and even saving money on your electric bill. Here at ProLED Group, you can choose from a wide variety of hotel light fixtures that will meet your specific hotel needs.
Our hospitality lighting fixtures selection includes models that are suitable for any area of your hotel. As you well know, proper lighting for hotels requires several different fixtures, all of which are fit for the specific area in which they are to be used. Choose the right restaurant hotel lighting to make dining an enjoyable experience for your guests and to encourage them to stay onsite for meals. You’ll enjoy the extra funds you pocket from their purchases. Make companies and organizations come to you as your first choice for meetings and conferences through the use of the best hotel lighting fixtures for conference areas. The proper hotel light fixtures in your guest rooms will also keep your guests coming back to stay again and again.
You will also find all of the supplies you need to set up and maintain your hospitality lighting fixtures when you buy from Pegasus Lighting. Our products under our lighting for hotels category also include transformers, light bulbs, and everything else you need for well-functioning hotel lighting fixtures.


How To Use LED to Cut Your Fixed Operating Costs

Most hotel owners complain about  labor costs, utilities, and maintenance expenses which impact their net profits every month.   There are ways to reduce these costs and increase your profit even when your occupancy remains the same.   Here is a few of these cost saving measures in this post on utilities:

How much does utilities account in total operating cost?  Answer: approximately 6%  

In this post our focus is utilities  because we feel we can  have maximum impact with minimum out of pocket costs.

1.  Consider buying  new thermostat with occupancy sensors.
According to   California Statewide Utility Codes and Standards Program, smart occupancy processing  in hotel rooms can save between 12%  to 24% in heating and cooling energy, based on a 5-degree setback when the room is vacant.

2.  Convert your current inefficient lights  to LED lighting.
LED lighting is one of the most energy-efficient and cost effective technologies. According to states LED bulbs use at least 75% less energy and has a  25 times longer life than incandescent bulbs.   Take a look our ROI calculator to see costs vs return.

3.  Encourage guests to reuse their towels.
Having small  signs or placards in bathroom of the guest-rooms to encourage   guests to reuse their towels can also be very effective energy saving measure with minimal cost to you. The American Hotel and Lodging Association estimates that this simple  request from guests can  reduce  the number of loads of laundry to clean towels  as well as the related water, sewer, electricity, and labor costs by up to 17 percent. The association also commented  that this initiative help  increase the lifespan of the towels and linens thus reducing replacement costs as well.. Hoteliers generally save up to $6.50 a day per occupied room with such programs (source: Association for Linen Management).

If you’ve already implemented a towel reuse program but are not noticing much participation, consider updating and refining your messaging. Research shows that guests would more often comply with signs that promote  descriptive norms rather than one that simply encourages guests to help save the environment. Consider a variation of the following message:

“Join your fellow guests in helping to save the environment! Almost 75% of our guests participate in our resource savings initiative by using their towels more than once. You can join your fellow guests to help save the environment by reusing your towels during your stay.”