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Highest Efficiency

Our LED lighting provides efficiency and enables consumers to save hundreds over the life of the light, without compromising beauty or the environment.

The Energy Saver

PROLEDGROUP lights uses about 10% on average of power,   and 50% less than a CFL.

Save Money

60-watt light for 50,000 hours would cost $325 but our LED would use about $60 under the same scenario.

No more maintanance

Our LED lights use standard sockets and are designed for fit in existing applications.

No Hotspots, No Glare

Our LEDs offer optimal light distribution that softly washes walls and sufficiently illuminates work surfaces.

Full color spectrum

Our LED lighting products do look more natural than CFLs. Our LED lights have a highest colour rendering.

Industrial Grade

Our LED products are industrial grade for long life and minimum heat.

Quality Components

Our products are built with the highest quality components which is key to product life cycle.

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We sell only the highest  quality  LED products and most competitive pricing.

Contact us, get answers to all your questions before your purchase.

Save time and money –  Buy  direct from manufacturer and eliminate middle men.